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coins in card packs


Coins are important of your park to run smoothly. They can make food, buy buildings, pay for battle arena, and take part in area showcases. They are the easiest resource to get.

Buildings cost in coins

ACU tower 2,500 coins

Jungle Bean Shop 6,150 coins

Speedy Go Kart Circuit 100,000 coins

Power Generator 13,750 coins

Extinction Roller Coaster 140,630 coins

Triple Crown Hotel 90,000 coins

Little Fossil Gift Shop 26,250 coins

Caveman Arcade 135,000 coins

Solar Tracker 70,320 coins

Discovery Dig Site 145,00 coins

Heliport 155,000 coins

Cloud Nine Balloon Ride 41,250 coins

Communication Station 180,000 coins

Sky Point 75,000 coins

Pterosauria Cineplex 126,570 coins

Revolution Ferris Wheel 120,000 coins

Navigator Blimp Ride 95,630 coins

Horizon Observatory 397,500 coins

Egg Spinner Ride 70,000 coins

Wild Waterfalls 250,000 coins

Decorations cost in coins

Fountain 1,300 coins

Amber Pedestal 6,150 coins

Tropical Planter 12,650 coins

Velociraptor Garden Sculpture 26,050 coins

Wooden Bridge 91,300 coins

Park of Prehistory 22,250 coins

Geyser 54,200 coins

Triceratops Sculpture 147,150 coins

Jungle Conservation 72,150 coins

Stegosaurus Garden Sculpture 124,850 coins

Lava Crater 342,250 coins

Bonfire 178,300 coins

Apatosaurus Garden Sculpture 264,300 coins

Tropical Boulevard 344,500 coins

Modern Arch 712,000 coins

Apatosaurus Fossil 1,122,350 coins

Tar Pit 679,500 coins

John Hammond Memorial 936,400 coins

Park Oasis 442,000 coins

Mystery Cavern 403,550 coins