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As a Boss

Omega 09 functions like every other boss in the game so far. The player pays a fee, selects three creatures, then battles it until it has knocked out all of the player's creatures. When the player knocks out Omega 09, it will get back up with full health and an increase in its stats.

As a Playable Creature

Omega 09 was the first boss to be released as a playable creature. It is purchased and levelled up with B-DNA. Boss creatures like Omega 09 are only usable in Boss Events, and cannot be used in other things such as Tournaments and Battle Stages. Unlike other creatures, Omega 09 does not need to be evolved nor does it change in appearance when levelling up.

Despite being very difficult to obtain, Omega 09 produces a small amount of coins compared to other creatures of its power level, at only 6000 max over two hours.

Evolution Table

Level Rewards Facts





1 100 200000 500 None InGEN denies any part in the creation of this T. rex, but has expressed interest in studying its battle habits.
11 100 500000 None 200 This creature is highly combative and prefers to live in solitary.
21 100 1000000 1500 None The glow radiating from cracks in this creature's scales intensifies when it becomes agitated.
31 200 4000000 None 1000 At 35 feet in length, this creature is slightly smaller than Indominus rex.





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