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S-DNA is a special variant of DNA that is used to make Super-Hybrids. It can be obtained in various ways, including purchasing Card Packs, winning Battles, containing creatures in Code-19 events, collecting from the VIP S-DNA Production Site, and completing daily Missions. S-DNA missions are only unlocked after Level 25.

As of Update 53, players can now select the type of S-DNA they want to earn from each of the different methods.[1]

Types of S-DNA

Species Super-hybrid Image
Ankylosaurus Gigakylocephalus Ankylosaurus SDNA.png
Dimetrodon Dimetrocarnus Dimetrodon SDNA.png
Euoplocephalus Tapejalocephalus Euoplocephalus SDNA.png
Kaprosuchus Spinotasuchus Kaprosuchus SDNA.png
Monolophosaurus Monostegotops Monolophosaurus SDNA.png
Sarcosuchus Diplosuchus Sarcosuchus SDNA.png

Indoraptor & Indoraptor Gen 2

Velociraptor SDNA.png