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About Tournaments

Tournaments are events in which players can unlock creatures and gain other rewards. The duration is often between a few days to a week, and they take place most often during weekends. Players must battle each other for trophies, with higher trophy numbers unlocking higher tiers of the tournament. The featured creature is only unlocked if the player finishes in Dominator league; additional copies can be won in all tiers via the prize wheel, but obtaining them with this method does not unlock the creature.

The more trophies the player has, the higher their league. A higher league rewards a more valuable reward but produces more difficult opponents. This is unlike PVP, where the opponent is generated based on the player's team. However, like PVP, this event is not true multiplayer and trophy values are generated based on an algorithm.

The league tiers are as follows:

League Percentile Reward
Dominator Top 1% Limited Edition Tier Card Pack & Creature Unlock
Predator Top 5% Legendary Tier Card Pack
Hunter Top 10% Super Rare Tier Card Pack
Survivor Top 25% Rare Tier Card Pack
Prey Top 50% Common Tier Card Pack
Hatchling Top 100% Mystery Card Pack