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Yudon in creation lab.jpg
Yudon Level 40.jpg

Height: 12 feet

Length: 40 feet 

Claw Length: 5 inches each 

Weight: 2,700 Ibs 

Colours: Red/blue feathers, blue scales, black stripes 

Claw/Toe claw Colour: Red/Black

Eye Colour: Darkest brown

Asset Number: YDN-032

Sex: Male 

Species: Yudon formosus [REDACTED]

Breed: Yudon

Genetic Gap Fillers: Troodon formosus and [REDACTED]

"This specimen is notably more aggressive than previous experiments, almost genetic in way, DNA includes Troodon formosus and [REDACTED], this may be the most powerful one we've made yet, mark it down as a success, assistant"