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VIP Membership is a game mechanic that allows the player to gain exclusive creatures, buildings, and decorations. It costs real-world currency to purchase and maintain. Various rewards are unlocked as the player continues to maintain their VIP Membership. These rewards range from powerful facilities that produce free resources, to exclusive Card Packs, Decorations, and more! New rewards are unlocked monthly, which encourages the player to maintain their VIP status. VIP Members are also given access to exclusive Battle Events and Tournaments.

With the introduction of VIP, a new resource, Loyalty Points (LP), was added to the game; these are obtained by opening packs. Players with VIP get a x2 LP bonus when a pack is opened. Some VIP rewards are obtainable by non-VIP players, granted they have enough LP.

VIP-exclusive cards are not displayed in the Market unless the player currently owns one of the creatures or structures.

VIP Rewards







Card Packs

Monthly Unlocks

Month Rewards
1 DNA Production Site
2 VIP Food Factory
3 VIP Instant Creation Lab
4 VIP S-DNA Production Site
5 VIP Instant Recovery Lab
6 Extra S-DNA Production Slot
7 VIP Instant Hatchery
8 More Recoveries

More Instant Fusions

9 Extra S-DNA Production Slot

VIP Pass Pack

10 More Instant Fusions

Ammonite Oasis
VIP Pass Pack

11 More Instant Fusions
12 More Instant Fusions

Indoraptor Skylight

13 More Instant Fusions

VIP Pass Pack

14 More Recoveries

More Instant Fusions

15 More Instant Hatches

VIP Pass Pack

16 More Instant Fusions

Triceratops Exhibit

17 More Instant Fusions

VIP Pass Pack

18 More Instant Hatches

Brachiosaurus Sculpture